SICAP, Database Design based on Oracle-8

The SICAP architecture

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The Mobilphonebasis for SICAP is a client server architecture with extended universal SIM-Card as client and the SICAP Service Centre (SSC) as server. Short Message Services (SMS), with their outstanding properties, serve as the communication medium. The capabilities of the SIM-Card have so far been used only to a limited extent. The system enables executable programs to be transmitted to the SIM-Card. Pre-Paid Billing (PPB) manages prepaid customers and their credits, handles recharge orders and supervises their execution. Validation (VAL) supports validation and recharging of SIM-Cards. Over the Air (OTA) genrates and controls SICAP Short Message Services between the network and the mobile phone. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computer-aided voice response system. It supports the recharging of SIM-Cards via value card.

AkadiaAG is working on the new SICAP database design which will offer many new GSM - and Value Added Services to the subscribers. The existing Oracle-7 Databases VAL, OTA and PPB will be merged to one single database based on Oracle-8. One of the greatest benefits for the migration is the Partitioning Option of Oracle-8 to split very large tables in vertical, manageable slices.


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