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Based on the Oracle WEB-Server (OWS), the PPB System supplies statistical data in the form of tables. Authorized users can retrieve this data from any workstation equipped with a web browser (Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer). Users access data by means of a password-protected URL with the HTTP protocol or, in special cases, HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer SSL). Authorization takes place in the database. Data access is limited to a protected environment (Intranet). Access from the Internet is not permitted.


A number of HTTP servers (web listeners) can be configured, each of which listens to a different port.  A web request broker is assigned to each listener to implement communication with the database via PL/SQL agent or cartridge. In Version 2.1, the HTTP server (web listener) and the web request broker must be installed on the same machine. The HTTP server uses the URL to determine whether there is an HTTP request for the CGI interface or the web request broker. If this is not the case, the specified HTML page is sent from the HTTP server to the web client. The web listener handles static HTML pages itself but otherwise acts as a request distributor. The web listener accepts HTTP connections on one or more [IP-Adress / Port] combinations. The web listener can also handle "secure" transfers via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Konzept Oracle Application Server

Web Application

The user enters the URL to display the PPB statistics web-page. He chooses the desired period (day, week, month, year), then the data is processed in the database and the HTML Output is dynamically generated and transfered to his web browser.

PPB statistics


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