Advanced Find and Replace 


Search multiple documents with queries as with AltaVista and replace entire paragraphs of text!

Advanced Find and Replace allows you to search local documents with queries like in AltaVista and replace entire paragraphs of text. You may specify a mask to search files with different extensions and then make a query like in AltaVista. For instance, you may search all text, html and RTF files with query: +"John Smith" resume -salary

Furthermore, you may insert, replace and remove entire fragments of text consisting of more than on line in multiple files. For example, it is very easy to insert JavaScript right after <BODY> tag and then easy update it, insert new or remove from all pages of your site!

This utility also offers a lot of additional functionalities, for instance, using of Perl-style regular expressions, command line parameters, save results in XML, conversion of Perl scripts before porting to Unix platforms and much more.

It works on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP