Hiding Recipient List in the "To:" Line of your Mailtool


You may received emails with "undisclosed recipient" or "recipient list suppressed" in the "TO:" line. How is this done and can you do it in Outlook Express and Eudora?

Outlook Express

In Outlook Express, there is an option for CCing (carbon copying) and BCCing (blind carbon copying) intended recipients. Just click the TO button next to the address field and a new window will pop up exposing the BCC box at the bottom. Select your desired address and click the BCC button, then click OK.

When a sender enters addresses only into the BCC field, and sends with an empty TO field, those messages are received as "undisclosed recipient."

The use of the BCC field is actually a very practical one. How many times have your received forwards only to find that your email address was among many listed in the TO or CC line? Privacy is a big issue these days among computer users and having your address displayed in that manner only gives multiple unknown recipients access to your address and open you up for a mailbox jammed full of spam!


There are two ways to send mail out of Eudora without the recipients seeing who else was sent your message. Click here for more information.