Printer Drivers for W2K and NT on your Printer Server

In an environment where you mix Windows 2000 and Windows NT, you must install both Printer Drivers on your Printer Server. Actually we use one NT4 Server as Printer Server, but each Akadia employee works on her / his own Windows 2000 Workstation, therefore we had to install the Windows 2000 Printer Drivers on the NT Server.

Install W2K Printer Driver on NT-Server:

  • Download the Printer Drivers from: www.hp.com

  • Install the Printer Drivers on the NT Server as W2K Driver

Install W2K Printer Driver on your local W2K or NT4 Machine:

  • Open Folder 'Printers'

  • Add Printer

  • Network printer server -> Next

  • Doubleclick on DORINT (Printer Server), then
      HP LaserJet 4050N PCL5e (W2K or NT4) bzw.
      HP LaserJet 4050N PCL6 (W2K or NT4)

  • choose -> Ok

  • Finish