Support, Patches, Service Packs, Common Links

Borland Download Borland free and member only downloads.

Microsoft Download

Free software to download from Microsoft

Microsoft Reskit

Download Resource Kit von Microsoft NT

MS Internet Explorer

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or 5 for NT4, Win95

Netscape Navigator

Download Netscape Navigator 4 for NT4, Win95


Link to (Utilities for Windows NT), e.g. LISTDLL

W2K Resources

Windows 2000 Resource Center

SUN Support

On-Line Support Tools, access to bug reports, patches

SUN Documentation

Sun-Productdocumentation, Guides, AnswerBooks and Helps.

SUN Patches

Download Site for SUN Solaris Patches (

SUN Freeware

Download Site for SUN Freeware (Prebuild Binaries)  (

SUN Playground

Documents and software for SUN (see also

PowerBuilder SDN

Developer Network for Application Developers using PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder Journal

PowerBuilder Developers Journal


SWITCH Whois Lookup Domains in nearly all Toplevel Domains

Swiss NIC

Home of the SWITCH (


Home of the Internet (


Deutscher Text auf Korrektheit prüfen, auch für die Schweiz


Provides the most comprehensive portal for language products


Translate your text to another language


Every file format in the world

  Free  Software, Shareware, Tips to Shareware

Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader to Show PDF Files.


GIF-Construction Set for Windows (Alchemy Mindworks' software).


SCSI Drivers from Adaptec for Windows NT and Windows 2000

Textpad Editor

The ultimate Editor under NT with Drag & Drop

Ultraedit Editor

Text Editor - HEX Editor HTML Editor - Programmers Editor

Editeur Editor

Favorite Editor, with customizable syntax coloring (including HTML), etc

FinePrint Driver

FinePrint is a NT Printer-Driver to print e.g. 2 or more pages on one A4 sheet

Paint Shop Pro

Powerful image editor and painting program.

GetRight Download

Excellent Tool to Download very big files with Error Recovery


Favorite FTP Client from Global SCAPE Inc.


The ideal FTP Client for SSH-Tunneling


An SSH Extension to the Terminal Emulation Teraterm

SSH Shell

SSH Secure Shell is the de-facto standard for encrypted terminal connections


Another WinZip, with File Password Protection

SQL Navigator

Server side Development of PL/SQL incl. Debugger und simple GUI

PL/SQL Developer

PL/SQL Developer is an IDE from Allround Automations


Tool for Oracle Developers


Excellent Terminal-Emulation for many Terminals with integrated FTP-Tool


Built-In Graphics Library for Perl / CGI Programming


Version Control System that has been developed in the Public Domain


A front-end for cvs distributed under GPL.


TCL/TK needed for CVS


Windows Commander is a Shareware file manager for Windos


WinSCP is freeware SCP (Secure COPY) client for Windows


GnuPG is a complete and free replacement for PGP

Find and Replace

Advanced Find and Replace

  Links to Oracle Sites

Oracle Metalink Oracle Metalink Support Site

Oracle Home

Home Page Oracle Corporation.

Oracle Patch

Patch FTP Site von Oracle (

Oracle Magazine

Oracle Magazine interactive on the Web.

Oracle Press

Oracle Press Publications.

Oracle Booklist

Extended List of Oracle Books

Oracle Free SW

Oracle free software for download (JDBC and ODBC-Drivers, Java-Tools, etc)

Oracle Trial SW

Oracle trial software for download

Underground FAQ

Web Site with Oracle FAQ's for Oracle User written from Oracle Users.

Oracle Backup

Tips for "cold" and "warm" Oracle-Backups.


Official SQL-92 Standard.

Co-Operative FAQ

The Oracle (tm) Users' Co-Operative FAQ

Tip der Woche

Oracle Tip of the week

Ask Tom Oracle Tips from AskTom

Oracle on Linux

Oracle Website special for Linux (

Online Doc

Oracle 8i and 9i Online Documentation on the Web

O'Reillys Books

O'Reillys books on the Web.

Think-Forward Oracle DBA Scripts and Tips by think-forward
SQL*Plus FAQ Oracle SQL*Plus FAQ
Oracle Dok Oracle Documentation @ OTN

Links to .NET & SQL-Server

.NET Home .NET Framework Home
.NET Runtime Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package

Quick Start Tutorial

Microsoft .Net Framework SDK QuickStart Tutorials

Howto's from A-Z Common Tasks QuickStart
Typed DataSets Improving Typed DataSets (O'Reilly
DataViewManager Setting Default Table Views Using a DataViewManager
DataGrid Control Introduction to the Windows Forms DataGrid Control
C-Sharp Corner C-Sharp Corner
Code Guru Code Guru
Null Values Strategies for approaching null values with SQL Server

Get helped with DBI / DBD


DBI-Interface including all database driver sources and documentation

DBI-Download Site

CPAN DBI / DBD Download Site, Sources

DBI-NT ActiveState

ActiveState DBI / DBD Download Site, Perl Module for PPM


Frequently Ask Questions around DBI / DBD

Short DBI Guide

Guide to DBI / DBD


More Frequently Askes Questions around DBI / DBD

DBI-Book (O'Reilly)

Extract from the O'Reilly Book "Perl DBI" written by Tim Bunce


Performance Tips DBI / DBD

DBI at

Tips to DBI / DBD from ""

Apache::DBI Module

Persistent Database Connection with ModPerl and Apache::DBI

DBI-Mailing Archive

Mail Archive of DBI since 1995

DBI-Web Group

EMail Messages of the DBI-Users Group, good overview

  Get helped with Perl

Perl Home Most important Link for Perl (Perl Homepage)
Perl FAQs The Perl FAQ
Perl Journal Perl Journal (Articles around Perl)

Perl Builder

IDE (Graphical Development Environment for Perl)

Perl Scripts

WorldWideMart's Perl Script Archive, many Perl Examples (zB FormMail)

Perl Source

Newest Perl Release from CPAN (latest.tar.gz)

ActiveState Perl

Perl for WIN-NT ( ActiveState), quite stable Perl Interpreter for WIN-NT.


Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Home


Perl Modules to download from CPAN (

  Get helped with ModPerl

ModPerl Home

ModPerl home

ModPerl Plugin

ModPerl plugin reference guide by Doug MacEachern

Move to ModPerl

Quick guide for moving from CGI to ModPerl

ModPerl Traps

Common traps and solutions for ModPerl users


ModPerl Mailig List

  Get helped with Perl / CGI



Perl/CGI Idiot

Idiot's Guide to CGI programming

WWW Security

WWW Security FAQ

Taint Mode

CGI/Perl Taint Mode FAQ (by Gunther Birznieks)

Get helped with Java


Perl / Java CGI Cripts und Programme

Java Tutorial

A practical guide for programmers (

Java Developer

Java Developer Connection -- Java Servlets, viele Tips

Java Technology

Home von Java (


Java Foundation Classes (

The Applet Depot

Where to Find Free Java Applets

  Get helped with Apache

Apache Home

Apache HTTP-Server Project (Main Site), Apache-Sources und Dokumentation

Apache FAQs

Apache FAQs

Apache Doc

Apache Server Documentation

Apache Handlers

Apache Handlers

ModRewrite Guide

Apache ModRewrite Guide

Searching Software

WWW Search Engine Software, Indexierung von Web-Sites

Get helped with Linux / Unix / Postfix

Gentoo Linux Home of Gentoo Liux
Karkoma Online This site is focused to SysAdmins
Linux Magazine Linux Magazine

Carnegie Mellon

Technical Tips (Security, Intruder Detection, Anonymous, etc)

Linux Sources

Sources, Distributions zu Linux (Debian und RedHat)

Linux Tools

Sources, Tools for Linux from ibiblio's linux archive

Manual Pages

Manual Pages for OpenBSD

RedHat Errata Redhat's errata are important information on security
RedHat HowTo's Tips, HowTo's, and Tricks of the Trade for RedHat Linux (Knowledgebase)
Linux HowTo's Tips, HowTo's, and Tricks for all Linux systems

RedHat Update's

RedHat FTP-Server with all updated RPMs

RedHat Mirror

Mirrors to download RedHat updates as RPM


Tripwire is a tool that checks to see what has changed on your system


NMAP is a utility for port scanning large networks

Bind 9

BIND is an implementation of the Domain Name System (DNS)

Unix Sys Admin

Many Unix System Administration Tips & Tricks

Postfix Anti UCE Jim Seymour's suggestions/examples for Postfix anti-UCE configuration.
Postfix Anti-Spam Postfix unsolicited commercial email / anti-spam guide
Mail relay testing Network Abuse offer an experimental mail relay testing service.