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Oracle Installation and Configuration
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Oracle Tips of the Week

Oracle Tips of the Week Part 1
Oracle Tips of the Week Part 2

Oracle Tips of the Week Part 3

Oracle Tips of the Week Part 4

Oracle Tips of the Week Part 5

Oracle Installation and Configuration

Short Installation Guide Oracle11g on Linux Oracle Scripts

Short Installation Guide Oracle10g on Linux

Short Installation Guide Oracle10g on W2K

Short Installation Guide Oracle9i on W2K Short Installation Guide Oracle10g on Solaris
Short Installation Guide Oracle9i on Linux Short Installation Guide Oracle8i on Linux
Short Installation Guide Oracle9i on Solaris Short Installation Guide Oracle8i on Solaris

Short Installation Guide Oracle8i on NT4

Oracle Publications (PDF)

Akadias Oracle Survival Guide Useful Unix Commands in the Oracle Environment
Akadias Oracle Tuning Guide Possible Client Connections (ODBC, JDBC)
Oracle Migration HowTo Akadias Sendmail Survival Guide
Database Access with Enterprise JavaBeans EJB  (Sources)  

Oracle Publications (HTML)

Collection of the new Features Oracle 8i Oracle Frequently Asked Questions
Collection of the new Features Oracle 8 DB Applications with Oracle 8i - Perl - DBI
Oracle Access with Apache / Tomcat Oracle Access with Apache / JServ
Oracle Servlet Engine OSE for Oracle 9i Backup and Recovery Cookbook with Recovery-Methods
Table- and Indexpartitioning with Oracle 8 (many examples) Extensive Explanation of the Cost Based Optimizer
Migration of Oracle 7.3.3 to 7.3.4 using the Migration Utility Migration of Oracle 8.1.x to 8.1.7 using the Migration Utility (x < 7)
Connecting to Oracle 9 using the Microsoft .NET Framework Oracle Database Access using .NET Data Providers
Introduction and Examples to Oracle Advanced Queueing Oracle Database Transactions using .NET Data Providers
Global Statistics vs. Histograms with DBMS_STATS Package Oracle Transactions using .NET Data Sets
The Secrets of Materialized Views (OLAP) How to implement a multiuser, lockingfree Primary Key Generator
How to implement Materialized Views and Dimensions Diagnostic tools for debugging the RDBMS, one is Event Tracing
The Secrets of Dimensions (OLAP) Treewalking with SQL (Hierarchical Structures)
Analytic Functions in Oracle 8i and 9i Creating XML Documents with PL/SQL

The Power of Analytic Functions

Extend Constraints using Function Based Indexes
Parallel Clause and Small Tables Using SQL Loader with an UTF8 Characterset Database
Mutating Table Problems with DELETE CASCADE Logging deleted Rows on Cascading Delete without Mutating Table Error
How to specify the WHERE clause for UPDATE / DELETE ? Show current and valid NLS settings
How to measure Index Selectivity, how to choose Composite Indexes Troubleshooting Oracle Database Links
Optimizing Oracle's Sort Areas to reduce Disc I/O How to verify the Highwater Mark of a Table ?
Debugging PL/SQL Code with SQL-Navigator Using of DECODE instead of IF-THEN-ELSE
How to call an external Procedure from PL/SQL Using of Database-Triggers with DML-Retrun Values
How to code my own Password Verifcation Rotine with Oracle-8 Date Handling in Oracle, Function of TRUNC (SYSDATE)
Handling of NULL und empty Strings, Queries with NOT NULL and ' ' How to check Long-Running-Jobs (PL/SQL Procedures)
Primary Keys and Unique Columns in Oracle and SQL-Server How to work with several tables with the same Name (Private Synonyms)
How to eliminate an Attribut from an Oracle 7 / 8 Table NLS-Settings on Windows-NT / Unix for EE8ISO8859P2 Characterset
Switch a Database from WE8ISO8859P1 to the EE8ISO8859P2 Default NLS Date- and Number Formats (Dynamik SQL-Script)
Here you find an ISO8859P1 (so called Latin 1) Characterset Table How to move a Tablespace File
How to install Designer/2000 Release 1.3 for Oracle 7 and Oracle 8 How to create a dynamic SQL-Script to create the Tablespaces
Set an Environment Variable which is found in the Oracle Data Dictionary How to generate the Controlfiles, DB-Documentation, Controlfile-Recovery
Documentation on High-Availability Concepts How to report Constraint Errors to an EXCEPTION table
Full Database Export and Import to Duplicate a Database Duplexing Offline Redologfiles with Oracle-8
Understanding Oracle's Execution Plan using EXPLAIN PLAN Read a file word by word using DBMS_LOB
Non-Interactive Oracle Patch Installation Using Oracle's Parallel Execution Features
Net8 Connect-Time Failover (Overview, Setup, Example) Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting
Net8 Transparent Application Failover (Overview, Setup, Example) Dynamically changing the WHERE clause, without actually changing it!
Send Email with Attachments from PL/SQL using Java Stored Procedures Binary Large Objects in Oracle8i
Remove obsolete Datafiles from a Tablespace and Data Dictionary Named Parameters within JDBC

Optimizer Statistics with DBMS_STATS in Oracle 10g

Oracle Net Configuration

Bind variables - The key to application performance

Manually configure the Oracle 10g EM dbconsole

RMAN Survival Guide Oracle Locking Survival Guide
Optimize Oracle UNDO Parameters Migrate TS to Locally Managed
Encrypting a Column in a Table The Secrets of Oracle Row Chaining and Migration
The Secrets of Oracle ASSM and Freelists The Secrets of Oracle Bitmap Indexes
Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 (Solaris-9) Connecting to Oracle10g from PHP using OCI-8 (Linux)
Tuning MAX statements  with subquery or inline view Tuning Access to Lookup Tables

Oracle SQL Query Tuning Hints

How to enforce a unique condition selectively

Oracle Replication Survival Guide

How to Index only some Rows in a Table
Oracle Data Guard Survival Guide Out of Memory Problems on Oracle 10 / Solaris 10
Accessing SQL*Plus using a Korn Shell Coprocess Can INSERT's be tuned?
Returning Result Sets from SQL Server and Oracle Bulk Inserts with Oracle
Shared Server Survival Guide Manage Oracle Data Buffers
Automated Checkpoint Tuning (MTTR) Scalar Subqueries
How do I enable core dumps for everybody Cursor Expressions in PL/SQL
Patch Oracle from 10.2.0.x to Oracle Health Check (needs Password)
How to build big Oracle Tables for Tests Understanding Shared Pool Memory Structures (needs Password)
How to load Data very fast using Partition Exchange How to combine AMM with manually sized SGA
Flushing Pools from Oracle SGA Oracle 11 RAC Survival Guide
Oracle Char Semantics and Globalization Duplicate Oracle Database with RMAN
Oracle Database Link Survival Guide Referential Integrity across Schema Border - Worthwile ?

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / .NET Framework / C#

SQL Server 2000 Survival Guide DB Access using .NET Data Providers
Using Assemblies in Microsoft .NET Oracle and SQL-Server 2000 - compared
NET Tutorial using C#, Windows Forms, SQL Server and ADO.NET Windows Registry Tutorial
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) Polymorphism, Method Hiding and Overriding in C#
Materialized Views in SQL Server 2000 Connecting to SQL Server 2000 from Windows / Unix using JDBC
Connecting to Oracle 9 using the Microsoft .NET Framework

Update Data using Windows Form and .NET Data Sets

Custom Controls in Visual C# .NET

Inheriting Windows Forms with Visual C# .net

Application Design for .NET / C# Projects

Data Binding in .NET / C# Windows Forms

.NET C# Windows Form Recommendations

Retrieving Data Using a C# .NET DataReader

Reading BLOBs and display it in Windows Form

SQL Server Data Structure

Read / Write BLOB from / to SQL Server

Read / Write BLOBs from / to Oracle

Maintaining Information About Dataset Changes

Retrieving Identity or Autonumber Values into Datasets

Suspended Validation Rules in DataRows

Handling Row Violations in ADO.NET

Managing Processes in ADO.NET

Update a Windows Form Control from a Background Thread

Primary Keys and Unique Columns in Oracle and SQL-Server Filtering and Sorting in ADO.NET

How to decrease the Size of the Transaction Log in SQL Server

Finding Rows in ADO.NET

Table Auditing with SQL Server 2000 How to Bind an ArrayList to a DataGrid
Delegates and Events in C# / .NET How to unshare the same Position between two Controls

Prevent a particular Datagrid Cell from being editable

Customizing .NET Windows Form DataGrid's

How to put a databound ComboBox in a Column of a Datagrid

Fill a ListView with any Dataset, and perform Column Sorting

Sending a DataSet across the Wire using .NET Remoting

Strategies for approaching NULL values with SQL Server

SQL Server Logins and Users

Manage the Programs Run at Windows Startup

Accessing a shared (WebDAV) webfolder from Windows

Performing Transactional Updates with and without Data Sets

Joining Virtual Tables and the Power of Subqueries T-SQL Debugging with the SQL 2000 Desktop Engine
Joining Tables Survival Guide Methods to create XML using the .NET API
Returning Result Sets from SQL Server and Oracle Introduction to Generics in C#
Building .NET Controls @ Runtime

Unix, Linux & Apache Publications

Many Linux Tips and Tricks Many tips to SUN Solaris
Unix Tips, Utilities and Tools Postfix Tips (Architecture, Configuration, Trobleshooting)
Useful Unix Commands in the Oracle Environment Blocking SPAM (UCE) using Postfix
Akadias Sendmail Survival Guide Configuring Postfix as a Primary or Secondary Backup MX Host
Postfix - Master of MTA‘s Postfix - Multiple Domains with Virtual Accounts
Sendmail Tips (Architecture, Configuration, Trobleshooting) How to setup automatic mail answering (vacation program with sendmail)
How to setup an E-Mail Relay Host with sendmail Intrusion Detection with Tripwire
Simple Shell Script to backup your Files Automatically rotating your Log Files
How to configure SAMBA under Linux with RAS (PPP) on NT4 Logical Volume Manager Survival Guide
Free Unix Tools like Secure Shell under Windows (CYGWIN) Installing Webmail Horde / IMP with SSL
Wget - non-interactively retrieving files from the Web How to setup a Webmail Proxy with SSL / Apache
Time Synchronization with NTP How to send email attachments using Perl / MIME::Lite
Prevent fraudulent use of your Apache proxy web server Sun Solaris Application Packaging
Apache's Features to manipulate URL's (Redirect, Rewrite, Proxy-Server) Static Routes in Redhat 9 - New isn't always better
How to install SCSI Ultra 320 Support on RedHat Linux MySql 4.1.x Database Survival Guide

Converting Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format

Bugzilla 2.16.3 Installation @ Akadia

Installing Gentoo Linux (Live CD 2005.1)

 Introduction to lsof

 Sender Policy Framework SPF  How to setup Windows/Linux Dual Boot
 How to serve Pages depending on Time  Web Server Failover with Round-Robin DNS

 Installing Courier IMAP

 Fighting Spam with SpamAssassin and Postfix

 Using NetBeans/Linux under Windows/X11  Fighting Spam with Amavisd and Postfix
 Establish your own WebFTP-Server  Using NetBeans/Linux under Windows/X11
 Unattended Batch Jobs using SSH / DSA  TCP Wrapper for added Security on SSH
Wildcard DNS and URL Rewrite  How to configure a Zyxel Router in Transparent Mode

Java & XML Publications

Tips for Java and Java Servlet Programming New Features JDBC 2.0 introduced by SUN Microsystems
Java Exceptions by Example XML Processing using XERCES Java Parser
Send Email from Java (JavaMail Package) Methods to create XML using the .NET API

Windows 2000 & NT Publications

Hiding Recipient List in the "To:" Line of your Mailtool How to convert a MS-Word document to a PDF file ?
How to find out which DLL's this Win (NT,9x) executable is using ? How to read the Win NT4 Registry from a Perl Program
How to save / restore the W2K Registry Help - cannot start any executable on Windows!
Removing Invalid Entries in the Add/Remove Programs Tool Support Printer Drivers for W2K and NT on your Printer Server
How to start a Windows Program as NT-Service Troubleshooting Samba and Windows 2000 with nbtstat, net view, net use
Keeping Time on Windows How to exchange E-mails between Mail Tools ?
How to use and configure CVS and WinCVS (Concurrent Version System) Free Unix Tools like Secure Shell under Windows (CYGWIN)
How to open a CMD window from a particular folder ? How to send email attachments using Perl / MIME::Lite

Terminal Services - Remote Control your W2K Server

Removing the «About:Blank» Virus from W2K
"Access is Denied" as Windows Administrator Mounting Windows Shares on Linux using Samba

Networking, Firewall & Secure Shell (SSH) Publications

Remote Copy with SSH, X11 Forwarding with SSH SSH and SCP - How to arrange to log in without typing a password
SSH2 suite: SFTP and SCP Net8 access trough a firewall with port forwarding using SSH
How to connect Net8 and Java clients using TCP/SSL How to connect 2 ... n SSH Tunnels
How to generate an RSA based identity for SSH MD5 -  message digest (fingerprint, checksum)
Email Security using Public Key Cryptography How to setup a Webmail Proxy with SSL / Apache
Cable Modem Internet Access with dynamic DNS Automatic Dynamic DNS Update
NMAP - protect your important machines from crackers IP-Routing, classless subnets, calculate network- and broadcast address
What's a firewall proxy server, how does it work Prevent fraudulent use of your Apache proxy web server
How to verify whether DNS is working correctly Apache's Features to manipulate URL's (Redirect, Rewrite, Proxy)
How to setup DNS Forwarding How to install a CISCO Router / Firewall
DNS hardening and often seen configuration errors How to setup a Bridged Cisco Router / Firewall

The Secrets of OpenSSH

How to create a self-signed SSL Certificate

Portforwarding with SSH (Putty)